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Come and See

A guest post by Cynthia D'Andrea

Luke 6:12-19

Have you ever been to a concert or a political rally? Most of us, if you’re like me, waited in anticipation with big hopes. Hopes to be so close to have the rare opportunity to meet the candidate or rock star for just a moment. Hopes that you could touch him and perhaps even get a selfie. It may happen if you hang around the backstage door after the concert long enough, go to the movie star restaurant hangout, or get in early enough to get a good spot to meet a candidate. You can only imagine the people wanting and waiting to get a glimpse of Jesus.

In this weeks Gospel reading we are following the crowd to find the one that heals. It’s important to see the various groups of people who are present around Jesus. Some want to see another miracle, others need healing, others to hear the word of God alive, and some to undermine and destroy him. But each one wants their life to be different, transformed because of him.

Which one would you be? Are you ready to meet the one that everyone is talking about? Come to church and hear and see.

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